19 May, 2005

Revenge of the Lucas

Over all, I loved Revenge of the Sith. I felt very complicated in my over all opinion of the film.
It was not what I expected (in a good way and a bad way). The good way, they covered lots of areas with ease and was handled very well. The bad way, I felt that there were things done by Lucas that I call into question. First the movie is rated PG-13. A WELL deserved PG-13. If I had a child under the age of 8 I would really second guess letting them see the movie. I felt that the movie contained much needed violence to vindicate the overly kiddie-style of the first two. Also the violence allowed for a great depiction of the massacre of so many people including jedi, in the history of Star Wars. Yet in the same movie, Lucas spends twenty or so minutes with lame attempts at R2D2 humor trying to please the kiddies. It's only a few minutes later that the violence begins. I only call this into question because I felt that Lucas was sending mixed signals, "even though this is a PG-13 movie -- it's kid friendly" then "DIE DIE DIE!!!!" How does that work; I don't get it.

I've waited a long time to see the transformation from the man Anakin Skywalker to the "death "of Anakin Skywalker and rebirth as Darth Vader. I felt that it was wonderfully portrayed. The Anakin-Obi Wan battle was amazing! I thought I was going to have a siezure for a moment there due to all the flashes of the lightsabers. The battle going on at the same time during the movie is, in my opinion, amazing. I must say, Obi-Wan is the greatest of all the jedi for doing what he had to do and dealing with it. You get to see him transform into the great jedi we all know and love from IV. And as for the great Anakin, how it must feel to have your hands on greatness--all you must do is tighten your grip-- and just lose it.

Again over all it was a great movie, there were things I didn't care for and many things I did.



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