07 May, 2005


Well I've decided to give blogspot about a 2month trial as being my blog. Knowing how much i use it that means that it'll be this post, the last post and maybe 2more in that time. :) Yes I'm lazy.
Who knows maybe if I have something that's not home-grown i'll like it better... I Kept saying i was gonna re-write mine anyway... If I like Blogspot I may not have to.
I have to bitch for a little bit I got kicked out of a raid today on wow I don't know if it was an accident or what but it pissed me off. If it was on purpose apparently resurrecting yourself after dieing UNKNOWING that the alliance is about to sweep in right where u rezzed is UNACCEPTABLE.. dumb ass. Eff u who ever you were that kicked me!

Anyway ok now that i'm over that... Well I guess that's all I really need to say right now...

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