02 May, 2006

My Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

First off, let me preface this with for those of you know don't already know my favorite music band is Slipknot. This is not a feature of myself that I hide anyone who spends any time around me could more than likely tell you who my favorite band is. As a fan of Slipknot, I understand that there is a certain stigma that is associated with "that" type of music from those who do not understand, enjoy, listen, or care for Slipknot. That being said, here is my rant.

Recently at work I was paid a visit by my financial planner/advisor at work for me to sign some paperwork, which is not unusual due to my work schedule it is easier usually for him to simply swing by my office. Well on this incident, there was a person from the accounting office in the IT office, well after my planner/advisor left the representative from the accounting office comes into my office interrogating me as to who this visitor in my office had been. First off if had not been any of his business, but I allowed this question and expected my answer to be the finale for the conversation regarding my guest. I was wrong not only did my offered answer provoke more questions but opened the door way to attempted mockery. Why did I need a financial advisor was a question posed . The fact that I listen to, “that…goth kind-of music” apparently means that I’m stupid and should not be concerned with financial issues. In the interest of my job, I was very thankful for a friend of mine calling me to ask for assistance with car trouble.

I was completely appalled, why and how is it any of this persons business that I have a financial advisor, let alone why I have one; but his stereotype of me really blew my mind. I have become accustomed to people who did not know me stereotyping me. However someone who I have worked with and someone I could reasonably say knew me, stereotyping me like that really bothered me. I guess it really goes to show that, overall everyone really puts up a front as to what they think of you until a slight slip of the tongue lets you know...

EDIT: Corrected Lots of Spelling mistakes, can you tell I was mad?

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