13 August, 2006

Salt Lag City

I just returned from my second week in Salt Lake City.
For anyone who has never been, I do recommend going to at least visit it.
A city with a neat history. Being someone who is very interested in religions and history... not to mention history of religions... I think it is definitely worth a visit. Also for the first time since I was in 8th grade (95/96), I could actually breath out of my nose it only took a couple days of nose bleeds... but a small price to pay for remembering how good it is to breath with ease.

My first complaint of Salt Lag City is that on my first return trip Friday, 4 August, 2006... I flew in to Atlanta and had my wife come pick me up (because I was un able to get a flight back into Chattanooga). I arrived all was good, I visited the carousel, my oversized bag (that I had on loan) spits out... I grab it. I wait for my bathroom bag... the carousel stops... there are about 8 or 9 of us on that flight still standing there. We go to talk to the nice Delta people, who obviously do not communicate very well. The lady explains that my bag was left in SLC. I explain that I am going to need that bag because I have another flight on Monday. She tells me that I will be able to come back by Saturday morning when the bag arrives [on the next flight in from SLC] I explain that I do not live in ATL and live near Chattanooga and she tells me that is fine that she will have it flown to Chatta-vegas and the Delta people from CHA's airport will bring it to me.
No. ATL ships it via UPS very late in the day Saturday.... Grr... I fly out Monday, my bag arrives at my home... Tuesday... ARGH!!!!

SLC (Week 2) Everything went very smoothing getting out there my previous bathroom bag is at home, I'm making do with what I've got. Suddenly there's Blankity-Blanking terrorists in the UK. OMG! soooooooo.... Airports say get here 3hours early -- but my flights at 7!?! I call SLC Delta and after I FINALLY get to talk to a person I explain that my flight is @ 7 and wanted to know if she thought I should get there at, *gulp* 4 or not? "I would just to be on the safe side" *sigh* So I get there Saturday morning and it's 4 am.. the Delta ticket agents... aren't open...
the kiosks turn on at 4:30 so I finally get my tickets, my bags checked and to security... I look around there's no one around just me the lady in front of me and the nice people at TSA... so why did I have to be here at 4 again? oh look there's nothing open to give me Coffee!?! I NEED CAFFINEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh look there's someone with a Starbucks cup, "excuse me where did you get that" so he tells me, "dammit it's 6:25 they're going to start boarding in 5 minutes...." *sigh* I'll just do with out...

All in all not bad trips... just normal mishaps
oh well c'est le vie!

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