17 September, 2006

Awry Webhosting.

Recently (as in only about 3 days ago) I went to my website... Everything was normal. About eight (8) hours later I went to check something on my site... My entire website had reverted to... oh about a month and A HALF AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean WHAT THE HELL!?! That makes at least the third time in the past year. However... this is the final straw. I am currently looking for a new hosting provider for at least a temporary situation. My plan is to ... first get my Comcast bill under control, second upgrade my comcast internet to workplace and host my own website from my own home. Eventually one day I want to run a hosting company. One where we actually perform backups on our server and if we loose our clients website we admit that we Eff'd up and we compensate them for it... where we actually do what a hosting company is supposed to do.
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never had this kind of trouble with LoBall Hosting ARGH!

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06 September, 2006

Springfield Springfield it's a hell of a town!

Well my recent trip to Missouri was really a good one... except spending half the day in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday September 1st. My trip started on Tuesday August 29th at about 12:30 departing from Chattavegas to Memphis, while in Memphis I was glad I was my usual observent and nosey self, I had just picked up a BBQ sandwich from... (somewhere) and picked up my favorite White Mocha from Starbucks... after finishing eating I was a little bored and decided to do some work on the computer... well after shamelessly attempting to "use" the Airport WiFi then a guy sits down behind me yacking on his phone. Well in the process of dropping eaves I hear that Lexington, KY has this wonderful restaurant with the "greatest BBQ" called Red Hot and Blue (which is funny because their site says they are none in KY) ... well after landing in Springfield (Springfield it's a hell of a town!) I proceded to get my bags, to get my rental car and to hop on the road headed to Joplin, Missouri where Not only did I find one of these restaurants (which I did eat at and enjoyed)... but get this Murfreesboro, TN... THEY HAVE A MAZZIOS!!!!

There was this place we ate at called Bella Peppers which had this dish called...
Penne from Heaven -- which lived up to its name believe-you-me.
So after all was said and done and half a day in Cincinnati -- which isn't really a bad airport to get stuck in -- I came home and had a Rock City Alumni Cookout. It went well as far as I am concerned. We laughed, ate, drank and had a merry ol' time.
Anyway I guess that's about it...

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