09 October, 2006

Where's a beer?

I need a beer, not to drink... I need it to throw.
As stated previously, I was at Talladega this past weekend (Oct 7 & 8).
Let me give you a rundown of the weekend.
5am (edt): Wake-up; shower; get in the car
~8am (cdt): I can't remember exactly what time we got to the campgrounds at Talladega. We finally found a place to camp, then we setup camp.
~11am (cdt): We went to the speedway and hung out looking @ swag and then made our way to the back stretch
~1:30pm (cdt): the truck race started -- it kicked ass! Go Mark Martin!!
~4pm (cdt): We made the 50-minute walk back to our campsite (by-passing the long lines for the tram)

8am (cdt): Woke up
10am(cdt): Finally got up
10:30am (cdt): Fought with the charcoal
11:30am (cdt): Gave up and went to the speedway bought swag
~12:30am (cdt): Began watching race including pre-race stuff
~5pm (cdt): Angrily left the speedway. A cloud of depression settled in over Talladega, Alabama around this time. Our walk back to the campsite was accompanied by several anti-Hendricks and anti-Vickers expressions such as the young man who screamed, " HENDRICKS!!!!!" Of course for some unknown reason there were some people who were rather excited, such as the older man we passed on our way back who screamed, "BRIAN VICKERS FOR PRESIDENT!!!" who was met with a crowd full of middle-fingers.
8pm (cdt): We left the campgrounds with full bellies still surrounded by the fog of depression. While driving down Speedway Blvd. a Ford Explorer had "Jr. Was Cheated!" written across the rear window. A young man with a PA system installed in his truck got on his loud speaker reading off the rear window and announcing his agreement.

12am (edt): 1 Energy Drink and 1 Powerade later we arrived home.

So after all that, let me explain a little bit about the title of my blog entry. After Brian Vickers raped Dale Jr's chance of winning the race -- not to mention he raped his own (soon-to-be former-) teammate the back stretch became littered with beer, beercans and anything that could be thrown onto the track (and we learned later that the frontstretch was littered a well). I wished that I had, had beer to throw. Anyone who has been to Talladega knows that it is almost a ceremony to throw crap out onto the track however the volume is not normally as full as this past Sunday. It reminded me of the time that Gordon was declared winner by default. I was proud to know that the boo's from the back- and front-stetches fell onto victory lane. Yeah of all the races I've been to, I'm used to seeing people flipping off Gordon (24) but I've never seen as many birds flying as I did at Brian Vickers when they showed him in victory lane. Eff the 25!!
Go 8, 16, 26!


05 October, 2006

Talladega Nights, the Blue Line, more Hazel

Finally getting outta town for the sole purpose of fun, this weekend, the 7th and 8th of October, I will be camping in a field surrounded by (most likely) drunk people or in a superspeedway surrounded by (most likely) drunk people.
That's right it's a NASCAR race. Specifically I'll be in Talladega. [w00t!]x2
So yeah, I'm gonna be completely devoid of contact this weekend (Can I GET A w00t w00t?)
Go 8 and 16!!!

I'm enjoying watching Smashville and the Blackhawks battle right now.
I cannot wait to get down to Atlanta for a Thrashers game or up to Smashville for a Pred's game!
Go Penguins!!!!!!!!

Also I'm stoked! Twice in One year I get to see Sister Hazel. Sister Hazel will be here in Chattanooga at Rhythm and Brews on October 11.

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