09 November, 2006

Steers and...

Texas. An interesting place. I recently returned from Laredo Texas. Laredo is the first place I have seen that has an airport smaller than Chattanooga's! Although I heard that Joplin, MO had a pretty small airport.

DFW's airport was cool except for the dirty words bumping me off my flight back to Chattavegas!
Then saying, "well we can put you through Chicago then to Chattanooga." To which I replied, "I don't wanna go to Chicago." "Well we're having a weight issue with the plane so we've had to bump two passengers." "Well I'm having an I wanna go home issue, and I want to go home!" So after I head off to the Chicago gate, they call me back and ask me to wait for a moment. Twenty minutes later I boarded the plane to Chattanooga.

c'est la vie

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