29 December, 2006

Eff EMO!!!!

Ok, I came to two revelations this evening that I will share with you in mere moments. I will preface this post with a note that says, I will probably make edits over the next week, simply to allow my thoughts and frustrations time to settle.

Ok first, for those of you who don't know what Emo is please visit the following site and read the definitions, Emo. In short I will paraphrase for those of you who, like me are to lazy to read all that, Emo is punk music with way to much estrogen in its system. Goth used to be the depressed teens full of angst and decked out in all black. For Emo imagine the same thing minus instead of the black clothing the guys wear tight sweaters, thick rimmed glasses, and tight-tight jeans. The problem with Emo, in my opinion, is that a good style of music -- emotional punk -- people have taken and gone overboard with it as a fad, as usual.

I realized tonight that every time I see an Emo kid, I really just want to grab them by the arms and shake the SHIT out of them and say, "CHEER UP EMO KID! Grow up and wear your own gender's pants!" Trust me, I'm one who is all for individuality and doing your own thing and having your own opinions. That being said, I am sick of the Emo look! It looks ridiculous. Yes, I was in to the whole Goth scene; yes, I had my eyebrow pierced and plan on getting it done again once I can get time to stay at home long enough to let it heal again so I can take it out when I need to. I know people, especially my father -- God rest his soul, thought it looked ridiculous and that is their prerogative just as I have my opinion on the Emo look/fad.

Secondly I realized I need a change in vocabulary. I have a good number of friends who practice an alternative lifestyle and as many of you may know, I often over use the word 'gay.' I have decided tonight that I plan to discontinue my use of the word gay for anything that I:
Don't like
Don't agree with
Don't understand
Don't want
ad infinitum.
My new plan is to use the word Emo in replacement for the word gay. My realization was that of my friends who are gay might take offense to my use of the word and I do not want to offend them. You might ask will I not offend any of my friends who are Emo (and yes I have some who are Emo and I have made my feelings known to them numerous times)? My answer is, probably but I don't care because their feelings are always bruised so what does it matter?


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