19 April, 2007


Alright, most of you know how anti-buying music at wal-mart I am. Nothing against Wal-mart i have family that work there. I do hate that walmart censors their cds.
I have a set of rules:
1.) Do not buy music at Wal-Mart
2.) Do not buy CDs at Wal-Mart
3.) Avoid purchasing Music CDs at Wal-Mart

Alright, well I broke my rule for the first time in two years I bought a CD at Walmart. Most of you know I am a lemming for a certain little Canadian Anti-pop Princess, so I bought her new cd the day it came out. I went out to get pizza and a movie as well as picking up some Milk and OJ for my wife and decided to go ahead and pick it up. It was a matter of convenience. I felt pretty sure that I was safe to buy it at Wal-mart. Did not expect that it needed to be edited, well I was wrong. Now normally, there is a simple little word on the label or on the security label on top that says (Edited). I saw none, and as I said I didn't expect to. I got in my car on my way to pick up the pizza and head home.
Track 1, a little over a minute into the song, "and hell yeah I'm the Mother Princess" I nearly caused a wreck. I was furious! I had been BURNED! Damn you wal-mart and your not offering cds with dirty words!
I'm adding a rule to my rule set:

4.) NEVER under Any Circumstance, no matter how convenient, buy any type of musical item from walmart!!!

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Blogger Cynical Geek said...

Why in the world don't you just pick up a iTunes gift card at WalMart and do music the right way???

9:54 AM  

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