12 June, 2007

The Mark

Ok first let me start by saying, anyone who knows me knows, yes I am religious, I even recently rededicated myself to God and no I'm not a religious zealot who run around thumping people on the head with the Bible. Nor am I someone who stands in the street at Riverbend with a sign and says, 'You're going to Hell for going to Riverbend!!!' Don't even get me started on those guys... anyway... As some of you know I have finally been doing something I've wanted to do for almost ten years. I have started reading the Left Behind books. I have recently finished book 6 "Assassins." Well I have to admit that since I have been reading these books, I have at least had my eyes opened to a number of things I had never really thought of. Well now I'm not turning in to a zealot who screams all the time, "the world is coming to an end!!" I have to admit though that I defiantly get the feeling of impending doom reading these articles.

Being someone who -- contrary to some people's beliefs -- thinks more long term, I can so see this ending up in the Mark of the Beast category. Now I have to admit, as I was typing this I began to quote scripture, when I had a second thought. My reservation was that in the eyes of some, quoting scripture immediately either looses credibility or they immediately turn off the article. Secondly, I just want to get my point across without retyping scripture. So I am going to back up just a little before touching on scripture.

Essentially, what I am thinking is as follows: The Real ID act is an electronic ID, storing information about you, the current belief is the information stored will be:

  • name
  • birth date
  • sex
  • ID number
  • address
  • a digital photograph

Well, it starts there. How much longer before this digital ID can be connected to your Credit Cards, Check Cards or Bank Accounts. Then the next step, imagine 25 or 30 years down the road when technology is more advanced and think about it RFID chips can already be inserted into pets so that Vets can scan the id of a found dog. RFID chips can already be inserted under the skin, but as I said imagine even 20 to 25 years down the road when the technology is safer and more "acceptable."
Well the next logical step in crime prevention, such as picked pockets, Identity theft, and any number of problems we deal with now, is to take this new ID with all it's stored information put it on a little RFID chip. Most likely it's probably already a RFID chip that is supplying the info on the card.

Let's just take the RFID chip and put it in ppl. Well we probably need to make it standard location. Why not the wrist, which one, well I'm right handed so let's make it the right wrist. Wait what about someone who doesn't have a wrist, well they at least have to have a head, let's let them put it in their forehead. Well come to think of it, let's give people the choice of the hand or wrist. Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's do it!

Then about five minutes later, OH! I just thought of this, with everyone having one of these chips in their skin, we don't need physical money anymore!
A smile creeps across their face and they take a drink of a Guinness and shout, BRILLIANT!

Yeah I might be a little over dramatic, but I might be right. If you are not familiar with Revelation you can find where I am pulling information from in Revelation Chapter 13:16-18.

I just felt the need to pass along my thoughts.

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