28 August, 2007

Book/Series Title Changes

Well, for those of you who were wanting to know the name of my book [book one (1) anyway] well I have good and bad news. Bad news first, sorry you asked for it, you are going to have to continue to wait on the title of book one. The reason is the good news, as great and perfect of a title as it was for book one, it was even better as a title for the series, at least the first half of the series. Most likely the series title will carry for the whole series, but in grand ol' tradition of my home-boy Terry Brooks, there could be a different title for each arrangement.
As my home-boy did with his highly successful series, as you know there was The Sword of Shannara trilogy, followed by the Heritage of Shannara series and I don't have six years to list each arrangement of books.
Well anyway so to update you on the recent changes to the series as a whole that I have made. Currently I have changed the first storyline to a trilogy and a bridge book followed by a sequel storyline. This might not be new to some, but previously I was unsure if the story progression of this style would flow. The bridge book will take place approximately seven (7) years after the beginning of, the untitled, book one (1). The first book of the second suite will take place roughly another ten (10) years later or seventeen (17) years after the beginning of book one (1). As for the length of the second suite, I am unsure if it will be a trilogy or a set of four (4), is there a word for that? a quad series; a quadogy; Does anyone know? Those sound dumb.

Now the good news. What? You thought was the good news? Oh well then I don't guess I'll have to tell you that the title of the series or at least the first trilogy is Shades of Gray.



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