18 August, 2007

To Hades With It All!

Alright, I've had it.
I've done all that I can do.
I hate computers.
I am tired of working on them.
I'm tired of putting up with their stercus tauri.

I decided to put my mind on some other topic, so after being introduced to a firewall application that I could run on one of my old linux boxes, I thought 'hey that would be a fun project to get my mind off of all this.'
this being the problems I'm having with my primary desktop computer)
So i took out the old box that's just been sitting in a corner with a half-arse load of FreeBSD on it, popped in X-files DVDs and I dug out this great old blue box that I bought for $5, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, that was retail version of RedHat 5.2. I plug the machine in, make sure it POSTs. So, I put the disc in the cd-rom tray and hit reboot. I start the install, Stack trace!?! hmm, ok let me check something. I take the disc out do some checks on the BIOS settings, all looks good. I open the try and put the disc back in. After closing the try and hitting reboot, my computer stuck it's tongue out at me. The Cd tray shot back out. So i hit the button, it closed and opened again. I'm thinking ok, i have fat fingers maybe i'm double tapping the button so i real quickly punch the button. Closed. OPEN! OMG!! WTF!?

So after a few minutes of fighting with the cd rom, and it not working. As I am an only child, I did what I do best. I threw a temper-tantrum. Denting cases, bending chassis, and as a side note: i don't like that the plural form of chassis is chassis.
All-the-while doing a few other destructive things to the computers around me.
SO, this brings me to my point.

I have:
5 non-working white-box PCs
1 maybe-working Compaq PC
1 working PowerMac 7600 which I recently upgraded to MacOS 8.1
1 working Rosewill 19" Flat panel monitor
1 working 17" Mac CRT (Big-butt behemoth)
1 working 17" Dell CRT
1 sort-of working 17" Philips CRT (it pin-cushions every now and then)
1 working Sun 1U Netra X1 server
I think I may have a couple Toshiba Satellite Laptops (1 working; 1 not)

Anyone need some parts. Sold As Is.

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Blogger Unknown said...

remember: cut down the arm...across is for emo kids

8:49 AM  
Blogger Cynical Geek said...

You and I need to have a computer yard sale!


8:56 AM  

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