30 June, 2008

Irony -- DeLorean

Anyone who read my most previous post about time travel probably thought of the same thing I always think of when I think of time Travel... DMC-12 that's right the DeLorean Motor Company DMC-12 bad-arse car from around 1981-1982. A little history for you,
in 1982 the DMC was dissolved and around 1997 it was reconstituted and for a good reason. 11 years later DMC will be releasing their first car in almost 30 years. That's right they are producing "NEW" cars.
If you go to www.delorean.com you will find information about buying Pre-Owned and "new" Delorean's you can get the "new" ones in Black or ol' faithful gray.
You're probably asking yourself... "why does he keep using quotes around the word new?"
Here is why:
The "new build" cars are an evolution of our previously available "remanufactured" program. These new build cars are made to order, using a combination of original (NOS) parts from the Ireland factory, original (OEM) parts that we source from the original suppliers to the factory and our growing line of reproduction parts.

I got a quote for the one I wanted... $67,826.40. Whew... time to call the bank!

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