06 October, 2008


After three family reunions, [2 in Middle TN (1 of which I missed) and 1 on Sand Mtn] I had one more to attend. My last family reunion was this past weekend, it is the "Big One," consisting of 10's of thousands of members, it lasts all weekend.

Where was I?

I spent this weekend (3-5 October, 2008) down in the great state of Alabama, in Talladega Al-uh-BAMA!! Jaime and I drove down and met a real-good buddy of mine and a new member of the Talladega family, Adam, right of I-20 at the QV mart, where we drove the short distance to Speedway blvd. Then down the, what seems like forever, drive to Tipton Rd and into West Park C campgrounds. Then we began to setup camp. Not much to report just sat around enjoying the big-ol-campfire, brews and the parade of drunks walking by saying, "youguys gotst a gud far" then nearly falling in the "gud far."
Later that night, well very early the next morning, my brother-in-law and a co worker, another new member of the family, joined us. So the 5 of us hang out and head to the truck race. Honestly, after last years truck race and seeing them get 5 wide several times and how this race started I was afraid that it was going to be a bust... I was wrong. With about 20 laps to go things start to heat up. Down to the wire, "WHO IS IT GONNA BE!?!?!" The dash to the checkers was AWESOME! Made the race SO worth it. That evening was great, coming back to the campsite on a high of the excitement we go back to the campgrounds and chill and talk about the race. We spend some time talking and getting to know one another better it was great. The next morning, unfortunatly, we were all running a little slow. Finally we get our booties in gear and head to the track. We missed the opening ceremonies, big deal - we sit on in Allison on the Backstretch so we have to watch them on the GIANT Sprint TV in the infield anyway - we were preparing to have our coolers barely inspected when the totally AWESOME fly over took place. We get to our seats in time to see the race start... that's all that matters.
Ok before I go much farther, for those who know about Nascar and don't know, I'm a big Roush Fenway fan.
So we watch the race, I'm not going to recap the whole thing but as a Roush Fenway fan, I was upset cause ALL my drivers were caught up in one wreck or another. However, with a record setting 28 different leaders, the Amp Energy 500 on 5 October, 2008 was the BEST race I've ever seen. Stewart deserved to win, he's needed a win and I was glad to see his first ever win at Talladega, especially after last year it was really his to lose.

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