24 November, 2009


As most of you know that I do not use my blog as a platform to hock new technology, however on occasion I stumble across something which catches my attention. As my wife would tell you that the only requirements for something to capture my attention is it needs to be either shiny, blue or both. Well today I am going to hopefully hold your attention hostage long enough to share this somewhat new and shiny technology with you.

Ok, so here we go.

I made a discovery yesterday, while at work I was researching the proper way to use something with the Symfony framework. While on another blog the blogger wrote something to the effect of "...this is why I miss Grails." Immediately my mind thinks, 'what is grails... GOOGLE!' I ask the I Ching of the Internet -- who I might add I firmly believe is attempting to take over the world, but that is another story for another time -- of what is 'Grails.' To which it provides me a link directly to http://grails.org. Elatedly the landing page reads, "the search is over." A fact I might add, I was proud to know because I had not planned on doing that much research at that given time.

I went on to discover that Grails was an open source [yay!] high productivity making use of the Groovy programming language. Sweet! Wait, what is Groovy? Crap more to research. I go on to learn that Groovy -- which has been around since 2003 although Groovy 1.0 was not release until 2007 -- is a dynamic alternative for Java. Wait, what? In short it is based on Java, for Java and is a bit more relaxed than Java. Now the interesting thing is according to most documentation I have read Groovy will accept any .java file renamed to a .groovy file and will work just fine. However, expectedly, the reverse is not true. High Java (or Java proper) will not necessarily accept a .groovy file that has been renamed to a .java file. The reason for this being that groovy has several features which High Java scoffs at.

In my recent and brief experimentations with language of Groovy, I have become a fan. With a little more Groovy development time under my belt, I hope to see it in my arsenal of languages soon. I will update you as my experience increases and I gain levels in Groovy.

Groovy can be found: http://groovy.codehaus.org
Grails can be found: http://grails.org

.::. DruiD .::.

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04 November, 2009

The Gathering Storm Wheel of Time

Finally got my copy of The Gathering Storm.
I'm only about nine (9) chapters in, so far so good. Still seems very much like Robert Jordan.
More to come as time goes on.

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