28 December, 2009


So, let me tell you about my morning.

I get up slightly later than my normal time, get ready, leave with in time for me to get to work. On my way to work I go from listening to a CD to listening to my iPod then to Sirius and when I couldn't settle on any music I switch over to some of the political talk.

Dear reader,
This is not a political rant so fret not.

Continuing to listen to the political channel the rest of the way to work I'm content, the discussion I'm listening to mostly aligns with my political views, no complaint. Arrival at work, going into my office, I want to hear the rest of the story. I sit down, I log into my ubuntu box and pull up my email and a few other apps I use all day long, then spin over to my mac which I generally use as my media source while at work. I pull up the sirius website click on "Media Player" I login. This is where the story begins,

I am promptly receive a message that in a much nicer tone reads,
"I'm sorry your account sucks, you need to upgrade it and pay us more money to listen online. Have a WONDERFUL day!"

...wait, what?

I pull up my account, still have the "Sirius Everything" package -- wtf?
I find an FAQ that tells me:

4. Why have you changed the online listening product?
The Online listening platform has been upgraded to a higher quality digital audio and is no longer included as a part of a base subscription at no charge. The upgrading of this service allows for customers to listen at near CD-quality sound (128k) for a better listening experience. In the future this will also allow customers to access the online listening platform from a variety of electronic devices.

Well hoo-rah! Now after having Sirius for 3 years and listening online for 3+ years -- no more. I read on further find out that the reason I just now had trouble listening online is because my Sirius subscription comes up for renewal mid-December.

Shame on you Sirius/XM Satellite Radio.

Honestly, I don't know that I want Sirius anymore, that's an easy $165/yr I could save I could put that towards upgrade my computers instead of dumping it into Pay-Radio. The internet usage has been a large part of my listening pleasure. Yes it's great to have the in car radio I use the heck out of it but I love(d) being able to go into the house or into work after being in the car and continue listening where I left off by just firing up the computer. Sirius does have a history of issues with online media. Before I got my account a couple that I worked with had Sirius and they would both listen online then one day in the middle of the day they were both kicked out then they logged back in kicking each other out each time one would login. Limiting each account to one media player login -- I totally can see that, understand it and agree that it's best to manage it that way, but they were never notified.

Now I can't do that. I wonder if I can get my service fee prorated and get my money back on the rest of the year. There is such great programming on Sirius but if I can't listen in the car AND online at home/work what the devil am I paying for? Just car usage?
I think not.

Thanks Sirius/Xm (or as I liked to Call it 6M or SiXm [from Sirius XM]) for saving me $165/yr.

Sirius FAIL!

.::. DruiD .::.