17 January, 2011


So, today is eDay. For those playing along at home, eDay was the date I have been looking forward to for some time. it is the day in which according to Big Red (Verizon) I am eligible for an upgrade. I look around and think I want a new phone NOW, yet I feel as though Big Red once again has me between a rock & a hard place.
Android Phone, DroiD2/DroiD2 Global (slide-out keyboard), 3G, Existing Technology,  soon-to-be “the old way”, (ever so-slightly) cheaper.
I want a phone I can develop on/for, make phone calls (when needed), txt, email (TXRX), I would prefer an Android phone, preference given to ones with slide-out keyboard.  I’m tired of being behind on mobile technology.
Hard Place:
DroiD Bionic, Thunderbolt, iPhone 4 (is this really a pro?), 4G LTE, up-to-date, new technology, mo’ better phones. Expensive.
Here is the quandary, as  I see it, I could go forth with getting a Dark Sapphire DroiD 2 Global and its super-cool 1.2 Ghz Processor, sleek design and awesomely cool slide-out keyboard — or even just the DroiD 2 [non-global].  Riding the 3G wave from here on out for at least another 2 years. I know that the 4G capability is not even to Chattanooga yet but I know it will be.
The flip side, of the few 4G phones seen so far  none have had a physical keyboard which is a big deal to me and I’m not really 100% if it will be worth the wait right now. I mean I could wait 6 months or I could wait 2 years. 6 Months from now 4G could be still really buggy or be super cool while 2 years form now it could be super cool or really bogged down from the sudden mass migration of people like me who are eligible for upgrades now  and either don’t want or know to wait for 4G.
I think that my biggest problem is that today was supposed to be a happy day, “yay no more carrying my black — what do you mean pink? I’m color-blind, they said it was black — Blackberry.” while all I’m doing is worrying over whether to wait blow part of a paycheck on a new phone.
Looking at it right now, I can get a DroiD 2 Global for $200 (with my upgrade discount) I can get a DroiD 2 for $50… I supposed there is something to be said for waiting. Admittedly I’m not a patient person. I might possibly learn something from waiting to upgrade my phone, maybe an uncomfortable part of growing up.   Then again if I had one I could start doing Android development now…  Arghh! the humanity!

This post was a progression, it started as a tweet, grew to a facebook post then grew again into a full-on blog post which will get sent out as a tweet which will update facebook… life goes full circle huh?

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