14 June, 2010

Stanley Cup 2010

Well as most of you know, the Chicago Blackhawks have won the 2010 Stanley Cup!
WOO HOO! First and foremost I am a Penguins fan with the Blackhawks as my number two team, with the pens going out in the quarter finals and things not looking so hot for the Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals I was debating the beard shave. I stuck it out and kept the beard. Well as time progressed and the Blackhawks ended up facing my arch-rival team the thug-like Flyers from Philly I thought surely this will be the year.
Early on in the season, I predicted that the Blackhawks would go all the way. My thoughts went like this, 1961 that is a long dry spell. With guys like Kane, Towes and Keith leading the charge I felt like if they could get to the cup finals they’d be ok. Also last year in the Western conference finals the Blackhawks gave Detroit a fight they were hungry, very hungry. Finally the missing link. Hossa, he himself, was hungry for the cup then likely all other players in the NHL combined. To come so close 2 years in a row and be Mr. Wrong-Team-Wrong-Time back-to-back years he was not going to skate away this year without the Cup in tow.
Well, they did it. Games 1 and 2 were great. Game one shot my nerves and was unsure if I could go on watching the rest of the series. The back and forth was great! Game 2 came and it was more of the same not as high scoring but more of the “my puck,” “no! my puck,” “no! my goal” kind of play that invigorates sports fans, especially hockey fans.  Game 3 visits Philly and boy was I heart broken after Game 4. I can’t even write on it except to say, more great hockey. Game 5, do or die time is coming down the wire. Chicago played much more like they did in Game 2 and I loved it. After two days off the games go back to Philly, and all I could think was, “say it ain’t so I can’t handle going 7 games.” After 3 periods of play and it was tied up at 3 I couldn’t help flashing back to Game 3 where the house of cards started shaking. I stood up and began to fidget and move around the house. Standing between the kitchen and dining room I saw this little fleck of black hit the netting. My heart sank, I didn’t even bother looking who shot the puck or who was guarding the net. When I realized it had been Philly guarding the net, I was elated. I enjoyed watching the Presentation of the Cup Ceremony. Also as a passing note, kudos to Towes for passing the cup to Hossa first.
Though I don’t see the Blackhawks/Flyers meeting up for a rematch next year in the Cup Finals, I do foresee this being a long standing rivalry.

This is why I love this game.

.::. DruiD .::.

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