08 February, 2006

Charlie Brown was part of the Horde.

As most of you know I play World of WarCrack...I mean Craft..WarCraft... as the majority of those people know I am hard up for the horde. Horde is vastly superior to alliance (which might be attributed to the average age of horde side players is old enough to purchase alcohol). Well recently a guildie and I decided we would have a little fun with the opposing faction's 'babies' (Alliance characters less than lvl 10). So we trekked across Stranglethorn Vale, rode north across Duskwood crossed the river laid waste to a few murlocks and kobolds, wacked Hogger (who if you've ever played Alliance side and could look past the age avg of 13) you know that Hogger is the first elite (or tough guy) you come across... So then we venture even further north around the beloved city of Goldshire and towards Northshire Valley. We made it into Northshire Valley with very little trouble, only slight problems with the guards not liking my guildie friend. Next we go in to the valley and we lay waste to the Defias who claim no allegiance to either the Horde nor Alliance. I began using these Defias as vessels to attempt to summon a Doomguard which is the meanest dirty word pet that a warlock can summon. After some time a GM contacted us and asked us to leave the area. After obliging I realized... GM's take the fun out of it. After all had we been on a PVP server would that not have been completely legal? Also according to the story line adopted by most Warcraft players -- (who actually knew Warcraft games prior to WoW existed because they weren't still in Nursery School) -- the horde is simply trying to exist it is the Alliance (mostly the humans) who want to see the Orc and Troll races and anyone who would side with them wiped out. The Horde's retaliation is to counteract the attacks made by the Alliance and at times to preemptive strike them. It occured to me not only are the GMs to take the fun out of the game. They too are to oppress the Horde! Sure I've been asked, 'how would you like it if the alliance warlocks came over and summoned a doomguard while you were a lowbie character in Deathknell?' Simple, alliance petition the GM to get the Horde to stop, the Horde do a /who and find higher level players to help defend the newbie zones. That's what I would have done. Then again... perhaps it comes back to age...
For the Horde!
Pow'r to the Forsaken!

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