20 August, 2006

NASCAR Rant...

Ok, as some of you know, I am a fan of NASCAR. Like all fans of the sport I have my drivers that I like and I have my drivers that I don't. One of those drivers that I don't like is the 48 Jimmy "Greasing the Palms of NASCAR" Johnson. At the time of this article's creation we are roughly 30 laps into the GFS Marketplace 400 in Michigan. It seems to me that when someone cuts a tire and goes on to pit road and is scored 2 laps down (according to whatever the tv announcers are looking at) then that person comes back on the track. Then there's a caution. The person who just got back on the track should get "A" lap back correct? Yep! WRONG If it's the 48 they get as many laps back as they want. Sure if the 16 was down 43 laps and got the lucky dog then they would be 42 laps back -- BUT if the 48 gets 73 laps down and get a lucky dog they're back on the lead lap!! WTF is THAT?!?!

Way to Frickin' go nascar! Why not just let Johnson have Every Lucky dog so he's 5 or 6 laps ahead of everyone else on the track. I mean Come On! I know that NASCAR has their drivers that they always seem to turn their heads on... my Hero driver's one of them but when you have one that really seems to get Super-hero treatment... somethings not right..?

Go 8! Go Roushketters (6, 16, 17, 26, 99)!

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