13 March, 2007

Sports news from Atlanta

Alright I'm excited I just finished watching the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Buffalo Sabers!
Unfortunately my Smashville Predators lost to the Detroit Wings :-(

Shortly prior to the Buffalo goal with 6 seconds left to go in 3rd period (OMG that makes me sick) I received a call from my brother-in-law, I'm going to see Atlanta take on the NY Rangers! [w00t]x2

But the greatest news of all Pittsburgh signed their deal to get their new Rink!
WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Penguins will STAY in Pittsburgh!

In related sports news... not really anyway, I think NASCAR is following me around. Last week I was in Vegas and the race was there that weekend, man I would have loved to see that, except for JJ winning. This week I am in Atlanta and guess where the race is this weekend. I REALLY wish I was going to be there for the Atlanta race :-( That race is soo freakin' cool! Can't wait for 'Dega though. Not to mention that Jaime and I now have tickets to do the Richard Petty Driving Experience that too I cannot wait for!
Alright I'm tired so I'm going to bed.

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10 March, 2007

Viva Lost Vegas

Yeah so I'm back from Vegas, we had a great time but I did learn a few things...

1.) Walking from MGM/Grand and Luxor to Circus Circus is NOT a good idea.
2.) If you get a Vegas "Map" from the Alamo/National people, do not expect any thing but the Strip to be drawn to scale. For example, just because even though it *LOOKS* like from the strip it is only two (2) blocks to the Hard Rock Casino/Hotel/Café does not mean that it really is. It's more like six (6).
3.) Don't be cheap, ride the Monorail.
4.) Go to cafe press or some other site that will allow you print up your own shirts, that say in at least, English, Spanish and Portuguese, that says, "No I don't want want to do your 'resort tour.' No I do not want your stripper baseball cards, Leave me alone"
5.) Vegas shows *are* worth going to.
6.) This is the most important thing, ALWAYS look a head to see who will be performing, if we had been staying one more night, I could have gotten to see Prince!

I'll be in Atlanta the first part of next week!
Look for more updates to come!

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