23 April, 2007

Backlash and Playoffs

NHL Playoffs:
Well it is official, now that the Stars have been eliminated from the playoffs I have one team that I can rally behind. As many of you know my team is the Penguins my next two teams that I support equally behind my Pens are the Thrashers and Predators. After each of those three teams were eliminated, the next team I support is Dallas. I remember when the Stars were in Minnesota and I supported them then. I watched them be put out, very sad. The only team I can support left in it is the Anaheim Ducks. This could be an interesting series.

WWE Backlash:
Well I am looking forward to Sunday (29 April, 2007) I will be going down to Atlanta to see the Hardys and HBK at WWE's Backlash! I can't wait, this will be my first WWE event, not to mention my first WWE PPV event. I've gotta make some signs...

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