17 September, 2007

Where are they now?

You know, there are times in stories where people leave to go somewhere or the story ends and when they do follow-ups with the characters they disappear and are never heard from again.
For example, Radagast the Brown from Lord of the Rings as far as we know, he is not killed, but we never seem to hear from him ever again. What about Bertram, from The Sandlot, the last you hear of him is that, "he got really into the 60's and no one ever saw him again." There are plenty more of these people, what I want to know is, where are they? Where did they Go? That is where I want to go! First off, I'm too young, I missed the 60's so I can't get really lost in them it's not like. There will not be a score, at least not in my lifetime, that will compare to the 60's and 70's . Besides, if it does happen in my lifetime, then there's a good chance I'll be too old and senile to take advantage of it. As for Radagast, he was sort-of a druid amongst wizards so I sorta can relate to the guy, but at least he got out. This has just been one of those days where, I want to sell the house, quit my job and move out west and be a footnote in someone's family tree. A footnote that simply reads, "Moved somewhere out west, no one knows what happened to him."

I at least want to move to the land of Cheers, somewhere "Where everybody knows, your name and their always glad you came." I grow increasingly bored in this world, it is just really boring. I mean I'm not knocking the world God created, I'm really not, I am just looking for more than is capable.

i don't know, i just need a break.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Geez man. you must be really stressed right now. I know things tend to look better on the other side and all
(im not saying that they aren't better)
, but I kinda look up to you. You have a lot going for you right now, and you are always trying to take things to the next level.
If you want to take a break, I can certainly understand that. However, I don't think its like you to want to just quit.

You talk about this world being boring, I can understand that all too well, but moving to a place where everyone knows your name? That's boring! Never meeting new people, never going to new places, and never enjoying the part of life that isn't boring (change).

As to "Where are they now?"
It's probably better not to know. Sometimes not knowing how things turn out keeps us going. Think of all the books and movies that keep us on the edge of our seats. They keep us anticipating the next sequel and keep our imagination going.

Of course, you already know the end of everything. All things do come to an end...and/or repeat.

LOL I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lecture or write an essay, just wanted to tell you that your life is actually quite the opposite of boring and that you have a lot people looking up to you.


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