15 June, 2008

Time Travel...

This post is in response to a couple conversations I have had over the past month or so.
This is not going to be your typical "Time Travel is possible because..." or "Time Travel is ridiculous because..."
this is going to be me talking about what I would do.

First off there are several things I would love to see that happened in the history of the world, to name a few:
a.) the parting of the sea during the exodus
b.) many of the miracles performed by Christ
c.) Martin Luther's protest

I also would love to go back to view certain key battles in history (Revolutionary War, Civil War, etc).
I also want to see who really killed JFK, see the landing at Roswell NM.

Finally, I would go back to 1969 and following the Grateful Dead around.

Just throwing that out there.

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