31 March, 2010

About Music

As I started this entry I started to write about a few different topics however, I decided to condense it yet still (hopefully) hit all topics... so here goes.

First and foremost. Last night/very early this morning was one of the greatest times of my life. Last night One-Eyed Doll made their Chattanooga debut or as Kimberly likes to say, "day-butt." They appeared at JJ's Bohemia headlining a show where I was able to experience another band out of Austin, Tx named Mobley which was a very exciting band!
The most important thing was Jambo and I were finally able to meet One-Eyed Doll, Kimberly, #3 (P.J.), and Jr. (Jason). They were great! Nicest people you could ever meet. As we arrived we met #3 and Jr. in the parking lot and stood there and talked for a bit before venturing inside where we got to meet the beautiful and talented Kimberly. It was so exciting to get to meet them I was truly star-struck just talking to the three of them. It was only after the show that I finally was able to hold a conversation with them without being struck dumb by their stardom. I was so excited Jambo and I were able to get pictures made with the band.

Another thing I wanted to talk about regarding music is this. This should be a GREAT year for music, below are some of the artists releasing new albums this year:
Egypt Central
One-Eyed Doll - out already && got it!
School Seven Bells (sviib)
Vanilla Ice

Well my train of thought has seriously derailed from how this entry was originally supposed to follow.. so I guess since I can't really remember what's left I'll just end it here.

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